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  • How long does it take for SEO to work?

    Whether you are looking for SEO or hiring SEO, you should know that the expected results in SEO will not be achieved overnight.

    Getting results from SEO is time consuming, because any change you make needs time to be evaluated and considered by Google. So any change you make today to improve your site…Read More

  • How to get quality backlinks for your site?
    Good linking is important for SEO success of a website, but how can we get those links without any risk?

    This article gives you a brief overview on backlinks, but here are some ideas for getting backlinks:

    Do not look for backlinks that are very easy to obtain. Hard access backlinks are usually…Read More

  • What are bad links and why should we avoid them?
    Bad links do not have the characteristics of a good link. Bad links are usually bought with money or in the form of text on low quality sites and only to deceive search engines.

    It may come as a surprise to beginners, but there are many websites on the Internet that are created solely for the…Read More

  • What is a good backlink?
    A good link that increases your site ranking has the following features:

    Linking is natural: This feature means that the link was created naturally by a webmaster, because the webmaster of that site believes that linking to your site will make their content more valuable and help their users. Does to get more details.…Read More

  • Why are backlinks important?
    The founders of Google, when writing its first algorithm, had to decide how to rank pages in Google search results.

    In addition to considering all the factors discussed so far, they also came up with a new idea: Websites that other sites refer to more (more links are given) are more likely to be relevant and…Read More

  • What is external SEO?
    External SEO includes methods and techniques that you can use to convince search engines that your website will be better for users than other websites. In the world of SEO, this issue becomes backlinks.

    Why is external SEO important?
    To better understand the importance of external SEO, if many sites target the same…Read More

  • Internal link
    What is an internal link? This means linking to other parts of the site on one page.

    Internal linking is a very simple concept and is often referred to as the basics of SEO, but since many webmasters make a lot of mistakes in this process, we decided to introduce it in the advanced part of internal SEO. Let’s check

    What is the…Read More

  • The importance of site speed in SEO
    One of the factors in ranking sites by Google that is no longer hidden from anyone is the speed of the site. Websites that load faster are better than slower sites. In other words, if everything is the same between two pages, Google will select a faster website to display in a higher position.

    Website speed…Read More

  • Site structure in accordance with SEO principles
    The structure of your site is very important. A simple and good site structure makes it easy for search engines and users to search the web. Taking advantage of this feature will bring many benefits in SEO and site efficiency.

    To have a site structured in accordance with SEO principles, observe…Read More

  • What is Black Hat SEO?
    Black hat SEO, on the other hand, is a term used to describe actions that violate Google’s standards and rules. The goal of black hat SEO is to trick search algorithms into using techniques that dramatically increase a site’s ranking in search results.
    Which poses a serious risk to your site

  • What is Google discover and how it is important for SEO?
    Google Discover is Google’s version of a social media newsfeed.

    But instead of featuring posts from people that you follow, Google shows you high-quality content that they think you’d like.

    Then the main questions is how to rank your post in Google discover?

    According to Goo…Read More

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